Taste of India–Rhode Island’s Best Tandoori Chicken

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Taste of India on Wickenden Street serves exquisitely tasty New Delhi-style Indian Cuisine, and Rhode Island’s best smokey-succulent Tandoori Chicken. Indian cuisine is among the most tantalizing, aromatic ways to enjoy healthful, nutritious Food, Glorious Food, If you love Indian flavors, and especially love … Continue reading

F is for Food, glorious food! living well, despite everything

Tracy Lee Karner

Food,” says Rosetta, owner of Rosetta’s Kitchen in Asheville, NC, “is the physical embodiment of prayer.”** ** in Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual memoir of Food and Faith by Fred Bahnson Food nourishes us; it facilitates healing and creates community. All five of our … Continue reading

D is for Dance: living well, despite everything

Jump into someone's arms and DANCE!

Dance springs from a natural desire to express ourselves, and through that expression, to connect socially with those around us, to celebrate, to sway, step, twirl and leap on our common ground. What happens to a toddler when music engages … Continue reading

Not your same old boring salad

Tracy Lee Karner

Tired of your usual salad? This Arugula, Apple, Walnut salad with Ginger-Lemon-Dijon dressing is a sweet-tangy-spicy pick-me-up for your tastebuds. Bonus: it will ratchet up your energy-level, too. Salad Ingredients (per serving): 1/2 cup baby arugula 1/2 cup romaine or other … Continue reading

C is for CBT: living well, despite everything


This series is an alphabetical exploration of 26 options for living well, despite everything. It answers the question–How can a person live well despite problems?  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps people think healthier. Healthy thinking sets us free to live a … Continue reading

How to write a Sestina in 6 (not-so-easy) steps

Detail of Calypso by Henri Lehmann

You want to write a fine poem, don’t you? Poets.org says that the effect of a sestina, achieved through intricate repetition, is often spectacular. In a sestina, six words, repeated in a prescribed pattern, take the place of a rhyme scheme, … Continue reading