Carol Bodensteiner, author of the historical novel “Go Away Home” offers media marketing tips to writers. 

Carol Bodensteiner

Welcome to another post in my series about published writers who help other writers. Click here to access my series about writers who blog about writing.  Carol Bodensteiner is a writer who finds inspiration in the places, people, culture and history of the … Continue reading

K is for Kinesiology


This is part of the series: an alphabet of help for living well, despite everything. K is for Kinesiology. Kinesiology helps us live healthier. Everything we do–including lounging on the sofa while watching a movie, including sleeping–because we are embodied beings, everything we … Continue reading

Meet Kathleen Pooler: a Memoir Writer who inspires Hope

Kathleen Pooler

Published writers who blog about the writing life are a great resource for those who hope to be published. Click here to access my series about writers who blog about writing.  Meet Kathleen Pooler, a retired family nurse practitioner whose hope-inspiring memoir will be published … Continue reading

Baseball goes with Summer like Beer goes with Hot Dogs

It’s summer! And baseball is the quintessential summer story.

  • The pressure of time is suspended during every game, there’s no clock;
  • You can get a hot dog at any ball park (and usually a beer);
  • Baseball is essentially a heroic summertime story–with:
    • characters (the players and coaches)
    • drama (who will be victorious?),
    • plot (the intricate strategy),
    • and ongoing suspense–every at-bat is a scene with a beginning, middle and end, every inning is a chapter, every game is a book in a series.
  • Tickets are reasonably priced, in some cases they’re ridiculously cheap (a couple of bucks for 3+ hours of entertainment)

And Fenway Park is the quintessential ball park:

Guess how many ball parks there are in little ‘ole New England where you can watch major league, minor league or collegiate ball?

A Handy Guide to All the Baseball Teams and Parks in New England by Location and League

all the baseball parks in new england

Here’s where to watch baseball–the Great American Pastime–in New England: Major League Baseball We all should see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway, at least once, shouldn’t we? Minor League Baseball Maine Portland Sea Dogs (A A for Boston Red Sox) … Continue reading

Writing and Publishing — whose advice should you trust?

writing and publishing advice

The following post was published on the Rose Hall Media tips for writers site: (re-blogged with permission) Bob Mayer says that 99% of the advice you’re hearing about writing and publishing comes from 1% of authors. His blog post explores the question: “So … Continue reading

If I don’t tell the truth about how fibromyalgia feels, am I a liar?

truth and lies in blogging

I want your honest opinion about truth and lies in blogging. I’ve been writing an alphabetic, upbeat, happy, yes-you-can series about living well, despite everything, but perhaps I’m unintentionally misrepresenting something. If, on this blog, I never write about my fibromyalgia, am I a … Continue reading

Rhapsodic Variations on a Theme of Tabouli

quinoa variation on tabouli

Tabouli. Just saying it makes me want to sing–Ta-BOOL-ool-ool-li. This summer, I’ve been going rhapsodic on a theme of Tabouli. This dish feeds my creative need to compose–to augment, ornament, substitute and transpose. Beat-the-heat bonus: you can make it in the morning while the kitchen … Continue reading