West’s Bakery in Hope Valley, Rhode Island is the Best

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I’m talking about West’s Bakery in the village of Hope Valley in the town of Hopkington in the county of Washington in the state of Rhode Island, which is a confusing place when it comes to place names. (click here to read my … Continue reading

French Roots, by Jean-Pierre Moullé & Denise Lurton Moullé, inspires gracious hospitality


French Roots: Two cooks, two countries & the beautiful food along the way (list price $35 U.S. / $41.00 CAN) is a book (of cooking essays and recipes) that works like a time-traveling magic carpet to transport me between the San … Continue reading

A Fall Foliage Tour Day in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner


Me? Fall Foliage is my favorite season, and I’m also attracted to reading nooks, sheltered coves, tucked-away hideouts and serene places like “Connecticut’s Quiet Corner.” So this morning when the weather promised to be fair and the day spread out before us … Continue reading

If You Want to Succeed in a Restaurant Venture, Follow the Advice in “Restaurant Success By The Numbers”

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Level-headed, business-minded entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the restaurant business today, should read Restaurant Success by the Numbers. For more than 20 years I’ve been married to a (successful but now retired) chef and restaurateur, and I can confidently say … Continue reading

L is for Let-it-go

Let it go; forgive and give life.

  This is part of a series of an alphabet of help for living well, despite everything: L is for Let-it-go! I’ve been stepped on. Bruised. Trounced. Crushed. What’s my initial, instinctive, human response? I’m shocked– how could they?  I’m in attack mode– … Continue reading

Review of “Spain: Recipes and Traditions,” a cookbook by Jeff Koehler; plus a Tomato Marmalade Recipe

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I recommend this cookbook to: people who have visited Spain, fallen in love with the food and culture of its various regions, who want a coffee-table picture book, with extremely authentic recipes to help them relive their experience. Also, for … Continue reading