Meet Kathleen Pooler: a Memoir Writer who inspires Hope

Kathleen Pooler

Kathleen Pooler

Published writers who blog about the writing life are a great resource for those who hope to be published.

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Meet Kathleen Pooler, a retired family nurse practitioner whose hope-inspiring memoir will be published on July 28.

Pooler Final Cover

Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away From Emotional Abuse will be available at Amazon (click here).

Kathleen also generously shares her writing journey with blog readers. On her website she offers tips for memoir writers  and a list of resources.

For more tips, check out her recent blog posts which explore:

Kathleen also opens her heart to readers.

She explores how hope works in her life, and she facilitates an ongoing conversation with readers about how hope and faith come together to work in their lives. She believes, as I do, that we are mutually strengthened and enlightened when we share our stories.

Kathleen has enjoyed a good life–a  successful career as a family nurse practitioner, a happy marriage, a blended family of six children, and ten grandsons, a Golden Retriever named Max, and 135 acres where her husband grows organic vegetables. She found all this goodness by coming through many obstacles and disappointments: divorce, two failed marriages, one alcoholic and one abusive spouse, single-parenting, a son’s alcoholism, cancer and heart failure.

Her story is particularly helpful to people in abusive, oppressive  or destructive relationship, and to those with a friend or family member trapped in unhappiness. Her greatest wish is that her memoir will be a guiding light to women who find themselves in the grip of an unhealthy relationship, who are searching for their inner strength and freedom.

I wish her success with her new book, not only for herself but also for the people who will be inspired and motivated by her story. And I thank her, with admiration, for mustering the courage and perseverance to write and share her journey with readers.

You can connect with Kathy on her blog, and also on your favorite social media networks:

Twitter @kathypooler

LinkedIn: Kathleen Pooler

Google+:Kathleen Pooler


Facebook–Personal page Kathy Pooler

Facebook — Author page, Kathleen Pooler/Memoir Writer’s Journey


Which book or which author has been an inspiration to you? 



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