A Fall Foliage Tour Day in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner


Me? Fall Foliage is my favorite season, and I’m also attracted to reading nooks, sheltered coves, tucked-away hideouts and serene places like “Connecticut’s Quiet Corner.” So this morning when the weather promised to be fair and the day spread out before us … Continue reading

M is for Moderation

Enough books to say Good Night

Waking and sleeping, reading and resting the eyes, all things in moderation.

This series is an alphabetical exploration of 26 options for living well, despite everything. It answers the question–How can a we live with problems? 

Sure, moderation is wise. But…

Isn’t moderation a church-lady, finger-pointing, tsk-tsking spoiler of fun?

In order to live well with chronic pain, I’ve had to learn to pace myself, to put on the brakes and say, “well that’s enough of that for today.”

I had to change my attitude about moderation,

to empower myself to see restraint as a life-enhancing, rather than a life-restricting principle.

Here’s the way I see moderation now:  

Moderation embraces every thing, each at the proper time and in the appropriate season.

Moderation accepts the gifts found in everything, without hoarding or clinging to anything:

Living and dying; planting and harvesting; joining in and sitting out; tearing down and rebuilding; wine and water; feasting and fasting; weeping and laughing; grieving and celebrating; embracing and distancing; meats and vegetables; searching and waiting; working and resting; stocking up and discarding; fats and carbohydrates and protein; saving and sharing; cutting up and mending; loving and despising; knowing and not knowing; every emotion from exhilaration to sadness; every thought from confusion to understanding to re-evaluation; every experience–whether meditative, routine or adventurous–

Healthy living demands moderation in all things.

The philosophy of moderation is not restrictive; it is expansive.

Moderation welcomes brave ideas. It says, “And the converse has its place, and the contrary is useful, and the other is important, too.”

Because the moments of our lives are momentary gifts; to enjoy and to share and to let go.

And that’s enough of my opinion.

Of what do you think, when you hear the word moderation?

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