So many books, so little time...

Hello world, I’m back; I’ve changed.

It's been 16 months --almost the duration of two full-term-pregnancies--since I left the blogosphere. It's been an Beyond the Looking Glass wild kind of adventure. Please forgive my mysterious non-disclosure about the details behind my disappearance. I'm keeping them quiet for 2 reasons: It's too freshly painful to recount sensibly and sensitively--memoir needs a lens of distance to achieve objectivity; And more [...]

Sabriye Tenberken's book, "My Way Leads to Tibet" was originally published in German.

How to travel the world through books and food: I went to Tibet with Sabriye Tenberken

Have you read a book that compelled you food to sample the food described, or tasted a new cuisine to enrich your understanding of a story? I went to Tibet with Sabriye Tenberken...

authentic mexican food in massachusetts
The Way I Was

Oscar’s Burritos in Boxborough, MA is worth going out of your way for!

Looking for a restaurant near Concord, or Harvard, Massachusetts? Traveling on I495 between Lowell and Marlborough? I highly recommend Oscar's Burritos.