Marilynne Robinson on The Givenness of Things and Democracy

Did you ever try to write a poem attempting to capture a mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart encounter, sitting up half the night conversing with a brilliant person / kindred spirit, your heart bursting with a sensation of music, moonlight and the mystery of existence all mingled together? Don't bother; it's impossible to put into words. I've recently been savoring essays… Continue reading Marilynne Robinson on The Givenness of Things and Democracy


Hello world, I’m back; I’ve changed.

It's been 16 months --almost the duration of two full-term-pregnancies--since I left the blogosphere. It's been an Beyond the Looking Glass wild kind of adventure. Please forgive my mysterious non-disclosure about the details behind my disappearance. I'm keeping them quiet for 2 reasons: It's too freshly painful to recount sensibly and sensitively--memoir needs a lens of distance to achieve objectivity; And more… Continue reading Hello world, I’m back; I’ve changed.

Have I found something to say?

Becoming a writer: finding something to say

Being writers is what people are; becoming published is what writers achieve when someone believes they have something to say.  Publication validates you. It says someone thinks: your writing is understandable;  your writing is interesting,  and therefore your writing is publishable. Being published means you get to take on the ridiculously impossible challenge the privilege of writing for strangers who don't really care about you. Readers are busy people. They… Continue reading Becoming a writer: finding something to say

Let it go; forgive and give life.

Becoming a Writer

 Becoming a writer is like becoming who you are meant to be. It’s uniquely personal. No two lives, and no two writer’s journeys are the same. Here's what my journey toward becoming a writer has looked like so far: Throughout my book-wormish childhood and adolescence, I kept picking up pen and paper, writing stories, poems,… Continue reading Becoming a Writer